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TechCrunch is a reputable tech focused media for startups, internet products and news from the industry. We are proud to be their mobile development partner for TechCrunch Disrupt events that gather some of the most promising startups and industry leading investors.
Our Role
On top of that we created a music player that gives the user an ability to mash up the songs with various effects and crossfade them to create seamless training experience. Thanks to our experience with audio/video processing as well as overall mobile development, we were able to meet their expectations and release both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Quick access to conference summary,
  • Ability to add and chat with participants of the event,
  • Watching live video streams from conferences (new feature),
  • Public access to agenda (new feature),
  • Voting system for “Startup Battlefield” (new feature),
  • And last but not least - it works as intended.
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