Android Quiz #1

Android Quiz #1

Welcome to the first part of the Android Quiz!

  1. Are you bored with all the articles about MVP, MVVM, Kotlin coroutines vs RxJava, etc?
  2. Do you want to have a little fun?
  3. Do you want to test your knowledge and maybe learn something new?

if (yesCount < 2) return

In this first part of the Android Quiz, I've prepared a form with a couple of questions about Android, Kotlin and Java. So make yourself coffee or tea, take a 5-minute break and let's have fun. You can do it anonymously or type in your name. Later on, after submitting a form, you will be able to check whether your answers are correct or not. If an answer was wrong, don't worry, I've prepared a link with explanation so you can learn more about it. At the end of the test, you will be able to see everyone's results in the summary chart. This will let curious people know what was the most difficult for other people and what was a peace of cake.

  • I don't collect any data from you. Google account is not required.
  • If some question or answer is either not clear or correct to you, please choose the most probable answer and leave a comment.
  • If you really want to know how good you are, skip the questions you don't know the answer to. Don't try to guess as I don't provide explanations for correct answers :)

Here we go !

This form is a part of this article and cannot be shared separately.

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