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Vanlife with a Full-time Job and its Challenges

Agnieszka Forajter

Flutter Developer

Paweł Forajter


If you've ever wondered how to combine work with traveling, you will find some useful tips here. First of all, you should find a job that will allow you to work remotely wherever you want, and then go on workation.

People & Teamwork

Workation - coming back bigger and better than before

Martyna Kowalska

Employer Branding Specialist

Workation is still a rare benefit. In our company, we have been giving our employees the opportunity to combine work with exploring the world for several years.

People & Teamwork

One minor change to regain your focus

Lukasz Kasperek

iOS developer

Learn how I filled the gaps of Don’t disturb mode on my devices to finally break free from distractions.

People & Teamwork

Building a communication strategy - a few steps to take into consideration for an effective dialog

Natasza Stanicka

Project Manager

Nowadays, communication plays a vital role in any organization and team. Also every communication deserves a strategy. If you want to plan and develop a strong communication strategy, here’s what you should consider.

People & Teamwork

Building teams self-awareness

Karol Wojtaszek


Building high-performance teams is hard. You need to ensure that your workplace has tools that make teams able to grow by having the right context and being self-aware.


Team topologies - optimizing software team size

Damian Romanow

Head of Engineering

If you are in post-MVP phase you need to optimize your team size. Read this article to find out how team topologies change communications patterns.

People & Teamwork

The journey of an AppUniter - Szymon

Szymon Kuleczka

Backend Developer

Curious about working for AppUnite? Get inspired by Szymon's story.

People & Teamwork

The journey of an AppUniter - Hubert

Hubert Salwin

Elixir Developer

Curious about working for AppUnite? Get inspired by Hubert's story.

People & Teamwork

How to increase chances to be hired as a junior frontend developer

Tadeusz Miesiąc

Frontend Developer

Have you ever wondered why you have not been invited for a job interview? Did you send another CV and no one responded? In this article, I’m going to give you a few tips how to increase your chances to be hired as a junior frontend developer. and improve your resume.

People & Teamwork

Best practises of knowledge sharing in the workplace

Joshua Myklusz

Social Media Specialist

Highlighting AppUnites initiatives that promote education and sharing of knowledge in the workplace.