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Sep 17 by Szymon Mrozek
How we spent 500 hours for writing tests and proved this to be a business value
Is implementation of the automated tests worth the time and most of all, what value for business does it generate? Look for the answers in this article!
Sep 6 by Emil Wojtaszek
Beyond Ruby on Rails
We reveal behind the scenes details of one of the most important decisions we faced in AppUnite and why it turned out as a huge win!
#technology #web
Aug 29 by Szymon Mrozek
How to keep dependencies up to date
Have you ever struggled updating some dependency because you missed some major updates? You can prevent having them by implementing simple script running automatically.
#technology #web #android #ios
Aug 29 by Maciej Kaszubowski
Don't tell me how to test my software
Why do you write tests? We do that for various, sometimes conflicting, reasons. That reasons are important factors when choosing the testing strategy.
#technology #backend
Jul 4 by Karol Wojtaszek
How your business can benefit from using Elixir and Phoenix
Discover how Elixir can influence your company and improve the products you offer.
#technology #strategy
Jun 28 by Maciej Kaszubowski
Events and different kinds of coupling
Piece of meaningful advice for developers on when and why you should or shouldn't use events.
#technology #backend
Jun 24 by Andrzej Wyduba
How to Write a Project Brief for a Software Development Company
In this short article, Andrzej our Business Development Manager, shares his thoughts on how to write a great digital product brief.
#technology #strategy
Jun 17 by Emil Wojtaszek
Absence bot - a solution for managing absences at your company
AppUnite’s R&D department share an innovative and time-saving solution to managing absences.
#technology #strategy
Jun 10 by Piotr Bernad
How can your product benefit from the latest WWDC announcements?
Developer's perspective on Apple's conference and upcoming opportunities for digital products.
#technology #ios
May 29 by Michał Saleniuk
The life of a Fragment in a ViewPager - pro tip for Android developers
Make your android app development easier with this pro tip from one of our Android development experts!
#technology #android
Feb 7 by Marcin Adamczewski
Android Quiz #2
Welcome to the second part of the Android Quiz - the quiz for those who are interested in android software development 🎉
#technology #android
Jan 31 by Andrzej Wyduba
Don't Shoot the Developer!
The moment when a developer touches the keyboard is actually the last part of his job, and probably the easiest one.
#technology #strategy
Jan 18 by Marcin Adamczewski
Android Quiz #1
Marcin from our Android team prepared a form with a couple of questions about Android, Kotlin and Java to test your knowledge!
#technology #android
Jan 8 by Doris Bednarska
10 most common bugs in mobile applications
Doris, our QA specialist, takes a close look into most common bugs related to the basic elements of the app architecture.
#technology #android #ios
Dec 21, 2018 by Marcin Adamczewski
The Decalogue of a Pro Media App
Marcin, our Android dev, reveals 10 ancient commandments that will help you create a pro media application. I’ll present things that are important to implement and those that are nice to have. Let’s just point them out.
#technology #android
Dec 5, 2018 by Andrzej Wyduba
Welcome Aboard Flutter!
Learn why we chose to add Flutter, a cross platform from Google, to our Tech Stack.
#technology #strategy #marketing #android #ios
Nov 29, 2018 by Paweł Rąbel
Our First Journey with Flutter
Pawel, our Android developer, shares his experience with Flutter - an open source cross-platform SDK from Google that allows to create apps for iOS and Android with single codebase.
#technology #android #ios
Nov 26, 2018 by Szymon Mrozek
iOS Open Source Hell
In this article Szymon, our iOS developer, takes a look at open source problems of modern iOS applications and tries to find a simple rules of thumb for each of them.
#technology #ios
Nov 22, 2018 by Damian Kolasinski
MVVM - You're Doing it Wrong
In this article, I write about a slightly different approach to MVVM, one that overcomes classic implementation problems.
#technology #ios
Oct 15, 2018 by Łukasz Niemier
Open sourcing Imager - yet another image processing service
Release announcement of Imager - our brand new image processing proxy service. Written in Elixir, it provides easy solution to thumbnailing problem by using URL query string.
#technology #web