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Dec 5 by Andrzej Wyduba
Welcome Aboard Flutter!
Learn why we chose to add Flutter, a cross platform from Google, to our Tech Stack.
#technology #strategy #marketing #android #ios
Nov 29 by Paweł Rąbel
Our First Journey with Flutter
Pawel, our Android developer, shares his experience with Flutter - an open source cross-platform SDK from Google that allows to create apps for iOS and Android with single codebase.
#technology #android #ios
Nov 26 by Szymon Mrozek
iOS Open Source Hell
In this article Szymon, our iOS developer, takes a look at open source problems of modern iOS applications and tries to find a simple rules of thumb for each of them.
#technology #ios
Nov 22 by Damian Kolasinski
MVVM - You're Doing it Wrong
In this article, I write about a slightly different approach to MVVM, one that overcomes classic implementation problems.
#technology #ios
Oct 15 by Łukasz Niemier
Open sourcing Imager - yet another image processing service
Release announcement of Imager - our brand new image processing proxy service. Written in Elixir, it provides easy solution to thumbnailing problem by using URL query string.
#technology #web
Sep 12 by Maciej Kaszubowski
The Big Ideas
If you look at the history of Computer Science, you can see that there are few big ideas that keep emerging. Is there a lesson that we may learn from this?
#technology #backend
Aug 24 by Szymon Mrozek
Building Dependencies on iOS with Carthage
In this article I want to share my experience with building dependencies by using Carthage.
#technology #ios
Aug 14 by Marcin Adamczewski
Kotlin Delegates in Android - Real Life Examples Part 1
Real life example of using Kotlin delegate in Android. A tricky way to overcome final class inheritance.
#technology #android
Jul 31 by Bartosz Górka
Migrate from legacy FCM to FCM HTTP v1
In this article, I will show you how easy is to migrate from Legacy Firebase Cloud Messaging to new FCM HTTP v1 service.
#technology #backend
Jul 12 by Piotr Mądry
ConstraintLayout 1.1.2 performance test
Speculations about ContraintLayout have been coming back all the time since it saw the light of the day. The view group, praised by creators (Google), which quickly gained a lot of interest among developers is described as "working one" and one of the most efficient layouts. But is it true?
#technology #android
Jun 20 by Tobiasz Małecki
Quick look at new :gen_server handle_continue callback
Erlang OTP 21.0 has been released today and I’m going to describe how new :gen_server handle_continue callback works.
#technology #backend
Jul 13, 2017 by Andrzej Wyduba
How to test User Interface on iOS and Android
In AppUnite we put emphasis not only on quality of code, but on quality of the product as well.
#technology #android #ios
Jan 31, 2017 by Andrzej Wyduba
Don't Shoot the Developer!
The moment when a developer touches the keyboard is actually the last part of his job, and probably the easiest one.
#technology #strategy
Jun 8, 2016 by Andrzej Wyduba
Thoughts on how to start up and build a virtual product (PART 1)
In this text I will share my thoughts on starting your business and building mobile/web product.
#technology #strategy
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