Senior Frontend Engineer @e-commerce team

Poznań, Poland or Remote



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17.000 - 25.000 PLN net/month B2B

See you @e-commerce team

We have over 14 million users all over the world who have logged over 12 million catches in our fishing app. Our e-commerce business is growing fast, along with our social network, which is why we’re looking for a Front End Engineer to join our pond. We hope that that’s you!

You can help us in catching the next 10 million users by joining our 12-angler Web team, which means you will be helping shape our presence on the web.

We are developing an e-commerce platform for both mobile and web. In designing it, we brainstorm ideas with our client to achieve the desired effect and the greatest value. Everyone within the team has an impact on the product, so it's a place where you can share your knowledge, experience, and ideas that may have a real impact on the app. As the team is experienced, you will also have an opportunity to improve your skills. We regularly prepare advertising campaigns that reach hundreds of thousands of people monthly. With us, you can develop your technical, business, analytics and negotiation abilities.

Working at AppUnite, you will be:

  • Part of a client-product team. We don't limit ourselves to just being “task dealers” - we are strongly focused on being advisors to our clients by sharing knowledge and experience with them,

  • On a daily basis, we work closely with our client to make the product better and meet users’ expectations,

  • Our company and its teams work on products from different sectors, which is a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience internally between teams. This approach helps us grow faster and develop our skills.

We’ll be more than happy if you:

  • Have commercial experience in TypeScript, React and GraphQl,

  • Know how to develop isomorphic applications (using Next.js),

  • Have experience in server-side rendering, SEO, web performance optimization, responsive web design, mobile web development,

  • Have good knowledge of frontend testing practices (unit/integration/e2e testing, component-based testing, visual regression testing) and tools (Jest, Cypress, Storybook),

  • Have experience in styling complex apps using SASS,

  • Create good and maintainable frontend code by applying best practices, design patterns, and principles like SOLID,

  • Have solid knowledge of HTML, DOM and Web APIs,

  • Have a good sense of UI/UX,

  • Are open to proposing architectural and structural changes,

  • Have strong communication skills,

  • Have a growth mindset,

  • Are communicative in written and spoken Polish and English.

What does the recruitment process look like?

  1. Video interview with People Team.
  2. A technical challenge - an interview with a team or live coding, or a task.
  3. If any other step of the recruitment process is necessary, we will inform you.
  4. And finally, the decision, after which we can say “welcome on board."

Perks & benefits

  • Paid vacation and sick days also for B2B contracts

    Paid vacation and sick days also for B2B contracts

  • Co-financed conferences attendance

    Co-financed conferences attendance

  • Possibility to work from an exotic location

    Possibility to work from an exotic location

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