FromAtoB is one of the biggest search engines that compares train, bus, share ride and flight fares in Germany, serving more than 2.5 million users per month. We were honored with a mission of creating their Android application. Thanks to our UI/UX experience we were able to port iOS designs to meet Google material design requirements, and at the same time stay consistent with functionalities and feeling of other FromAtoB applications. The Android app was developed using latest RxJava ensuring the best code quality, and a full native experience.
Our Role
We have been responsible for the implementation of Android application, working along clients backend and operation teams. We have scoped the work, prepared implementation plan and set up the development environment that client had access to. Thanks to full process transparency the client was aware of the implementation status and could quickly act upon any blockers that would impact the delivery time. The result of smooth collaboration between both software development teams was that we were able to finish the development in time, successfully ship the product and work on further enhancements.
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