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Tally is a new and amazing dating app that is aimed at those who are decent, honest and genuinely looking to date. People who want to meet like-minded people. The strategy of the product is to build users organically, even if it takes a little longer regarding that people want to swipe with real users, and this results in people actually communicating when they do mutually match.
Partnership 2 years 4 months

Project Overview

Tally is one of a new-wave dating applications. Instead of focusing on the most visual aspects of each person (like the profile photo), it focuses on the “inside”, by changed information structure covered by a different, unique user interface and a set of features. The whole app is designed to promote slow life, relationships and direct contact over quick swiping.

Challenges & Solutions

Creating a product from the ground up including not just designs but also user paths, flows and general user experience.
Creating a new product is always a challenge. In this case, we spent most of the time, before starting the design phase, on discussions with the client to understand the perspective and create the most fitting propositions of user interface and experience. After a few iterations, we decided to apply a given approach. Thanks to the good planning and conceptual phase, the rest of the work went smoothly.
Preparing such infrastructure that can be maintained with a minimum amount of work, even more so when the product was moved to maintenance phase after release.
It was one of the first products setup using the Kubernetes engine which allowed us to spend less than 1 hour monthly on backend maintenance. The product has basically 100% uptime and was well-tested to provide 100% crash-free ratio.


Owner, Tally
I could see they were putting their heart and soul into the project, from their design ideas to the actual work done.

Graphic designs