ZIN Play - Zumba

iOS, Android
Zumba is one of the biggest fitness companies in the world. They approached AppUnite in need of developing new mobile applications for Zumba instructors. The main goal was to allow the users to create their own playlists from various systems such as Apple Music, Spotify, Local music and Zumba internal music database.
Our Role
On top of that, we created a music player that gives a user an ability to mash up the songs with various effects and crossfade them to create a seamless training experience. Thanks to our experience with audio/video processing, as well as overall mobile development, we were able to meet their expectations and release both iOS and Android platforms.
Zumba iOS landing
Zumba iOS playlist
Zumba iOS player
Zumba iOS soundeffects
Zumba iOS modulate
Zumba iOS mix list
Zumba iOS favorite videos
Zumba iOS menu
Zumba Android Steps
Zumba Android Player
Zumba Android Mix List
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