About: App for TechCrunch Disrupt event attendees to connect with and message other attendees, view the agenda, get alerts, and more!

Our role: During the development of TCD NY mobile applications we have replaced prior architecture with newly built backend and simplified the communication between every part of the system. Every request is processed through our proprietary API. Thanks to the new approach we have increased performance and stability considerably, on top of the architectural changes we also polished mobile clients with utmost attention to usability. The app might seem simple but it is packed with great features such as:

  • Quick access to conference summary,

  • Ability to add and chat with participants of the event,

  • Watching live video streams from conferences (new feature),

  • Public access to agenda (new feature),

  • Voting system for “Startup Battlefield” (new feature),

  • And last but not least - it works as intended.

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