About: KingsChat is a fast, simple and personal smartphone messenger that allows you to send messages to everyone you love to talk to.

Our role: Starting with just Kingschat we built the app from scratch. We were responsible for every stage of production from a design of layout through API, mobile clients, webapp, and devops, until publishing the app. While working on Kingschat, our client put forward the idea of creating additional apps. The result were three new projects: KingsPay, KingsCloud and Kingschat SuperUser, where our role was similar to the one from Kingschat. Throughout the production process, we were working in a highly dynamic environment with many changes coming each week, but the outcome of almost 300 thousand users after just 1 year after the first release speaks for itself.

Feedback: “I’m impressed with this wonderful application”, “It’s the best means of communication in the world”, “Awesome app!”.

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