Native is the pinnacle of mobile development. When it comes to iOS we use Swift for all the new projects. On Android, we pride ourselves as early adopters of Kotlin and longtime Java experts. Members of our Android team are among the founders of Poznan Android Developers Group.
Flutter is a technology backed by Google that allows creating iOS and Android applications with a single codebase. Thanks to the fact that Flutter uses its own high-performance rendering engine to draw widgets we do not have to compromise performance. The philosophy behind Flutter is to serve as a native development alternative for lightweight applications (i.e. news apps, small e-commerce apps). It's perfect at what it does and we are happy to have it in our technology stack from the time it was still a novelty in the industry.
Quality & Security
Ensuring the highest quality of a mobile application is a critical part of our development process. We ensure that our mobile applications work perfectly by in-depth Quality Assurance process that we implement to each project we develop. We use a variety of techniques, like unit, automated, exploratory and manual testing to ensure the product works flawlessly through all stages of its lifecycle.
There is a common belief that because mobile applications are running in phone sandboxes they can’t be compromised. Nothing more false. Mobile apps need to deliver critical endpoint security to the users along with business productivity. With automated Continuous Integration pipelines, security is an integral part of mobile application development in AppUnite.
Success Story
Zumba ZIN
Zumba is at the forefront of the fitness industry. To help their instructors with preparing classes, Zumba R&D team decided to create a mobile application that will help with music playlists creation, as music is the core of Zumba classes. The apps had to be easy to access and user-friendly so that every Zumba instructor can instantaneously understand how to get the most of the application for their group needs.
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