Dev-ops / Infra
We've been building every application with Elixir and Phoenix since 2015. As a spiritual successor to Ruby on Rails, it was created with productivity in mind. For a RoR company, such as ours, it was an obvious choice. Thanks to the fact that Elixir and Phoenix is built on top of Erlang Virtual Machine (a technology behind most telecommunication networks), we are able to build lightning fast APIs, error-resistant services and real-time features in a way, that was not possible before. The nature of the framework allowed us to reduce overall development time in projects built with this technology. Additionally, Elixir server distribution and automatic error handling ensures almost non-stop uptime of the system.
Plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript aren’t enough nowadays. We've gone a long way with various frontend frameworks and decided to choose Vue.js and React. Both are efficient to work with, easily adaptable, reusable and having tremendous support from their communities.
We attach significant importance to Continuous Integration and Deployment - one of the most important factors for high performing teams. We use GitLab to keep fast and stable implementation and delivery of our software. We believe that Kubernetes gives us the best balance between functioning and performance, that’s why we use it for runtime.
Quality & Security
Web applications we create meet the highest quality standards through an in-depth Quality Assurance at each step of our development process. Engineers assigned to the project establish code structure and make sure it is followed by each member of the team. Thanks to this approach, the code is easily maintainable and scalable. Apart from the code standards, we use a variety of techniques, like unit, automated, exploratory and manual testing to ensure the product works flawlessly through all stages of its lifecycle.
Secured web application is a critical success factor of any online product. Our automated pipelines allow us to continuously verify the software we use and remain prepared for security issues that may arise over time. We use containers to ensure an isolated environment for custom software we create. Continuous Integration pipelines check for outdated libraries and well-known issues giving developers the opportunity to fix them immediately. Peer code review and penetration tests help us keep the highest standards of security.
Success Story
Al Jazeera Paints
Al-Jazeera Paints is a leading manufacturer of paint in the MENA region. The company decided to redo its website to be a fully interactive online store. Users can browse through the available products, quickly search with various filters, get info about specifications and display paints on predefined scenes withVisualizer. As the last - e-commerce part of the application would let customers easily order, pay and pick up previously selected products.
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