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Our company has worked with iOS from the very beginning, and throughout the years we have successfully finished numerous projects with clients from around the world.

Thanks to the introduction of SWIFT language and our deep knowledge of Objective-C we can combine the best of both worlds. When you mix with the above the fact that our team of professionals is capable of building advanced interfaces and architectures, quality and effectiveness becomes our second nature.

Following the rule of small steps, we have polished our skills in the art of programming for this platform to become more than capable of delivering top-notch iOS apps!

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The competition is always around, isn’t it? With the expansion of Android devices, we have expanded our team to meet the expectations of today’s markets.

Thanks to the combination of the newest technologies, such as RxJava, Dagger 2, Retrofit 2 joined by MVP architecture and TDD, you can rest assured that nothing but great things will be achieved.

Over the years our Android team has doubled its numbers with programmers that strive to deliver the best solutions you can get.

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Ruby on Rails

We are not here to reinvent the wheel. We are here to do what you need, solid and fast. That is why Ruby on Rails is our web framework of choice. Our team of specialists is able to provide simple and clean code on rock solid foundations, which impact our work efficiency so that our customer can save time and we can sleep well knowing that we publish only top quality products. On top of that, RoR provides us with endless options to extend features of the web app, giving our customer free rein to his imagination.

Elixir & Phoenix

Every company will tell you that they are up to date with new solutions. Our proof to that statement is Elixir and Phoenix framework, one of the most promising technologies out there. Thanks to Erlang virtual machine we are able to build lightning fast APIs, error resistant services and real-time features. A good example of how Phoenix improves your app is that response times in Phoenix are reported in microseconds instead of milliseconds. Building distributed and fast applications in an easy way is no longer a vision of the future; it's here and we can deliver it.

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