Our Technology Stack

A quick walkthrough to main languages we specialize in


Our company has worked with iOS from the very beginning, and throughout the years we have successfully finished numerous projects with clients from around the world.
Thanks to the introduction of SWIFT language and our deep knowledge of Objective-C we can combine the best of both worlds. When you mix with the above the fact that our team of professionals is capable of building advanced interfaces and architectures, quality and effectiveness becomes our second nature.
Following the rule of small steps, we have polished our skills in the art of programming for this platform to become more than capable of delivering top-notch iOS apps!
IOS app


Android devices represent a major share in the current mobile market. If you plan to provide a complimentary service for your user base, then you have to consider a mobile application for this platform.
Our team of experienced developers is capable of developing highest quality code using most powerful technologies such as Kotlin, RxJava and Java.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in Android mobile development.
Android app


Flutter is a technology from Google that allows to create iOS and Android applications with a single codebase. We have been avoiding cross-platform solutions such as React Native, Ionic, PhoneGap because they work more like a website wrappers rather than a full fledged application, but thanks to the fact that Flutter uses its own high-performance rendering engine to draw widgets we do not have to compromise performance anymore!
The philosophy behind Flutter is to serve as a native development alternative for lightweight applications (i.e. news apps, small e-commerce apps). It's almost perfect at what it does and we are happy to have it in our technology stack.
With Flutter, we are able to truly tailor our services to any needs!
Flutter apps