Our Technology Stack

A quick walkthrough to main languages we specialize in


Building beautiful user interfaces and scalable applications require suitable tools. Using plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript isn't efficient enough nowadays. We've gone a long way with with various frontend frameworks and decided to choose Vue.js as our pick. Its lightweight, fast and learns from mistakes of other major players, such as Angular.js or React.

One of the major advantages of this technology is its adaptability. It is extremely easy to integrate with libraries and already existing projects. Thanks to the fact that Vue.js is also really easy to understand we can scale web applications considerably and still easily maintain the code.

No wonder its popularity is growing tremendously, and it's one of the most used frontend frameworks currently available.


Every application has to be built on rock solid foundations. As a spiritual successor to Ruby on Rails, Elixir and Phoenix was created with productivity in mind. On the other hand it does not repeat the bottlenecks of its older cousin.

For a RoR company, such as ours, it was a natural switch. Since 2015 we've been building almost every application with Elixir and Phoenix. Thanks to the fact that it's built on the top of Erlang Virtual Machine (a technology behind most telecommunication networks), we were able to build lightning fast APIs, error resistant services and real-time features in a way that was not possible before. The nature of the framework allowed us to reduce overall development time in projects built with this technology. Additionally Elixir server distribution and automatic error handling ensures almost non-stop uptime of the system.

Building fast applications in a time-effective way is no longer a vision of the future.