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Business & Strategy

Our perspective on software development

This article has been created as a document for AppUnite investors, employees and partners as an attempt to predict the future of product development and how AppUnite will adjust to make it happen.

Karol Wojtaszek

Business & Strategy

Problems for teams with only senior developers

Damian Kasperski

Being a Senior Developer is not only about being a highly skilled programmer but also about responsibility for work, decisions and other team members. Every team needs a leader and a team full of senior developers is a team full of people able to handle such a position.


Can a 17-year-old work as a software developer?

Michał Nowak

I'd like to share with you my experience of working while still studying in High School.


How to improve technical skills as a mobile app tester

Katarzyna Ignasiak

There are many paths to growth and skills that you can improve. But if you lack technical skills, it's worth knowing how to improve on your fundamentals.

Product Managment

5 tips for software engineers transitioning to the team leader role

Piotr Mądry

The demand for software is growing continuously. Newly created teams need strong leadership and leaders are often chosen among software engineers. What to expect and how to prepare?

Business & Strategy

Thoughts on how to start up and build a virtual product

Andrzej Wyduba

In this text I will share my thoughts on starting your business and building mobile/web product.

Product Managment

Who runs the product? A few words about Product Owner's and Team Leader's roles at AppUnite

Karol Wojtaszek

Though the titles are pretty clear, the overlap of their duties may lead to confusion. So who truly runs the product at AppUnite?

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