How to create smooth flutter tutorials

Michał Nowak

Flutter Developer

A step-by-step guide on how to create smooth flutter tutorials


What the coastline paradox has in common with software development

Jacek Marchwicki

Team Leader, Engineer, Android, Flutter

Get to know, what is the coastline paradox and how software engineers can learn from it.


Paycheck, events, idempotency and Elixir - what do they have in common?

Damian Romanow

Still wondering what paycheck, events, idempotency and Elixir have in common? Here’s a specific business scenario, which explains it all.

Product Managment

5 tips for software engineers transitioning to the team leader role

Piotr Mądry

Software Engineer

The demand for software is growing continuously. Newly created teams need strong leadership and leaders are often chosen among software engineers. What to expect and how to prepare?

Business & Strategy

Thoughts on how to start up and build a virtual product

Andrzej Wyduba

Head of Operations

In this text I will share my thoughts on starting your business and building mobile/web product.

Product Managment

Who runs the product? A few words about Product Owner's and Team Leader's roles at AppUnite

Karol Wojtaszek


Though the titles are pretty clear, the overlap of their duties may lead to confusion. So who truly runs the product at AppUnite?

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