AppUnite invests in talentee, bringing its expertise in CTO-as-a-service

A tech industry investment as a technological partner. Our step in the right direction in our mission to revolutionise the software industry.


Stop dismissing great ideas because of no software product team! That no longer has to be the case.

Karol Wojtaszek


How do you help your managers introduce innovations, foster intrapreneurship, and launch startups within corporations?


Large brands that built their apps with Flutter

Matthew Ferry

Flutter Developer

Zuzanna Demska

Marketing Specialist

Large companies that you probably didn’t know used Flutter for developing their applications.


Why is intrapreneurship a great approach to building innovation in tough times?

Karol Wojtaszek


Intrapreneurship is definitely one of the most efficient approaches that can boost innovation in the company during tough time.


Scaling a startup - post MVP challenges. We have launched an MVP and now what?

Damian Romanow

Head of Engineering

What are the most common challenges in the post-MVP phase of a startup?


Why is Flutter the best choice for building a mobile app Minimum Viable Product?

Jakub Kostrzewski

Flutter developer

Why is Flutter the best way to deliver a mobile app MVP? Check here!

People & Teamwork

Workation - coming back bigger and better than before

Martyna Kowalska

Employer Branding Specialist

Workation is still a rare benefit. In our company, we have been giving our employees the opportunity to combine work with exploring the world for several years.

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