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Maciej Kaszubowski
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The Big Ideas
If you look at the history of Computer Science, you can see that there are few big ideas that keep emerging. Is there a lesson that we may learn from this?
Events and different kinds of coupling
Piece of meaningful advice for developers on when and why you should or shouldn't use events.
Don't tell me how to test my software
Why do you write tests? We do that for various, sometimes conflicting, reasons. That reasons are important factors when choosing the testing strategy.
Defaults, not rules. Should you use Scrum in your team?
Some people like to use a well-known framework while others complain that following any specific process stands in clear opposition to the heart of being truly agile. Are standards like Scrum always bad? Or maybe there is some value in them?
A month of remote work - lessons learned
After a month of working fully remotely for the first time, I wanted to write down some observations and lessons learned during this time.
Enabling constraints in software development
You can govern or enable constraints. Here, we'd like to describe a concept of enabling constraints and how to use them in development.
Become a pi-shaped developer
T-shaped skills are a compromise between being a specialist and a generalist. It's considered a great way to grow. But is it the best way?
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