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Tag: Android


RxJava Backpressure in practice

Filip Grześkowiak

The majority of us know of its existence, but only a few worked with it. It's time to get to know one of RxJava features more, Backpressure.


Hybrid or Native - Which one best fits your product?

Piotr Bernad

Are you considering building a new mobile app and think which to choose native or hybrid? We pointed out the key areas to help you with the decision.

Top 5 advantages of Native App Development

Jakub Fingas

Let’s take a look at what true native mobile application development has to offer according to experts in mobile apps development.


How to keep dependencies up to date

Szymon Mrozek

AppUnite team resolves the problem of updating dependencies with a simple script running automatically. Easy solution for software development teams.


The life of a Fragment in a ViewPager - pro tip for Android developers

Michał Saleniuk

Make your android app development easier with this pro tip from one of our Android development experts!


Android Quiz #2

Marcin Adamczewski

Welcome to the second part of the Android Quiz - the quiz for those who are interested in android software development 🎉


Android Quiz #1

Marcin Adamczewski

Marcin from our Android team prepared a form with a couple of questions about Android, Kotlin and Java to test your knowledge!


The Decalogue of a Pro Media App

Marcin Adamczewski

Marcin, our Android dev, reveals 10 ancient commandments that will help you create a pro media application.


Kotlin Delegates in Android - Real Life Examples

Marcin Adamczewski

Real life example of using Kotlin delegate in Android. A tricky way to overcome final class inheritance.


How to test User Interface on iOS and Android

Andrzej Wyduba

In AppUnite we put emphasis not only on quality of code, but on quality of the product as well.


ConstraintLayout 1.1.2 performance test

Piotr Mądry

Speculations about ContraintLayout have been coming back all the time since it saw the light of the day. The view group, praised by creators (Google), which quickly gained a lot of interest among software developers is described as “working one” and one of the most efficient layouts. But is it true?

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