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Dec 5 by Andrzej Wyduba
Welcome Aboard Flutter!
Learn why we chose to add Flutter, a cross platform from Google, to our Tech Stack.
#technology #strategy #marketing #android #ios
Nov 29 by Paweł Rąbel
Our First Journey with Flutter
Pawel, our Android developer, shares his experience with Flutter - an open source cross-platform SDK from Google that allows to create apps for iOS and Android with single codebase.
#technology #android #ios
Nov 26 by Szymon Mrozek
iOS Open Source Hell
In this article Szymon, our iOS developer, takes a look at open source problems of modern iOS applications and tries to find a simple rules of thumb for each of them.
#technology #ios
Nov 22 by Damian Kolasinski
MVVM - You're Doing it Wrong
In this article, I write about a slightly different approach to MVVM, one that overcomes classic implementation problems.
#technology #ios
Sep 7 by Piotr Bernad
A week before iOS 12
Apple is going to release iOS 12 next week. What does it mean for iOS developers is that they need to start supporting newer version of iOS?
Aug 24 by Szymon Mrozek
Building Dependencies on iOS with Carthage
In this article I want to share my experience with building dependencies by using Carthage.
#technology #ios
Jul 13, 2017 by Andrzej Wyduba
How to test User Interface on iOS and Android
In AppUnite we put emphasis not only on quality of code, but on quality of the product as well.
#technology #android #ios
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