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Jul 17 by Milosz
Let’s create your product using Design Sprint
Discover how we use Design Sprint at AppUnite to validate the ideas and create valuable products.
#strategy #marketing
Jul 4 by Karol Wojtaszek
How your business can benefit from using Elixir and Phoenix
Discover how Elixir can influence your company and improve the products you offer.
#technology #strategy
Jun 24 by Andrzej Wyduba
How to Write a Project Brief for a Software Development Company
In this short article, Andrzej our Business Development Manager, shares his thoughts on how to write a great digital product brief.
#technology #strategy
Jun 17 by Emil Wojtaszek
Absence bot - a solution for managing absences at your company
AppUnite’s R&D department share an innovative and time-saving solution to managing absences.
#technology #strategy
Mar 20 by Milosz
Workation 2.0 - How we work and travel without compromises
Get to know our solution for the perfect balance between getting the job done and visiting places.
#strategy #marketing
Jan 31 by Andrzej Wyduba
Don't Shoot the Developer!
The moment when a developer touches the keyboard is actually the last part of his job, and probably the easiest one.
#technology #strategy
Dec 5, 2018 by Andrzej Wyduba
Welcome Aboard Flutter!
Learn why we chose to add Flutter, a cross platform from Google, to our Tech Stack.
#technology #strategy #marketing #android #ios
Jun 8, 2018 by Andrzej Wyduba
Thoughts on how to start up and build a virtual product (PART 1)
In this text I will share my thoughts on starting your business and building mobile/web product.
#technology #strategy
Jan 21, 2018 by Andrzej Wyduba
How We Moved a Part of Our Company 8,000 km Away
Boom! Here we are, in a different place, different time zone, opening a remote office. In this article, I will share insight into AppUnite workation project!
#strategy #marketing