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Handling failures in background workers with Elixir and supervisors
Elixir allows us to write systems that can run practically forever. Does that mean that we don't have to do anything to make our systems reliable?
Why shouldn't you use Elixir code in database migrations?
Elixir code used in migrations can cause troubles when we decide to start up our system with an empty database. But we'll help you to deal with that!
How to migrate live production data
Even simple migrations can be dangerous and when executed incorrectly can lead to errors and downtimes. Avoid these problems with our dev team tips.
Should you use database transactions for data consistency?
In our systems, most business actions require changes across multiple contexts. How can we keep these contexts consistent?
Don't tell me how to test my software
Why do you write tests? We do that for various, sometimes conflicting, reasons. That reasons are important factors when choosing the testing strategy.
Events and different kinds of coupling
Piece of meaningful advice for developers on when and why you should or shouldn't use events.
The Big Ideas
If you look at the history of Computer Science, you can see that there are few big ideas that keep emerging. Is there a lesson that we may learn from this?
Migrate from legacy FCM to FCM HTTP v1
In this article, I will show you how easy is to migrate from Legacy Firebase Cloud Messaging to new FCM HTTP v1 service.
Quick look at new :gen_server handle_continue callback
Erlang OTP 21.0 has been released today and I’m going to describe how new :gen_server handle_continue callback works.
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