AppUnite invests in talentee, bringing its expertise in CTO-as-a-service

We believe that modern software is developed by teams aligned around a mission and vision. People do not want to simply “work”, so providing them with a “to-do” list won't cut it anymore. Hence, while working with our partners we put emphasis on all aspects of the tech side of their mission.

Karol Wojtaszek, CEO of AppUnite says, “Our core belief is that technology is a tool for solving real-world problems. We work hard to be the best partner when it comes to developing software solutions for our clients. Making sure to foster trust and collaboration on different levels. Direct investment into a company with which we work represents the most significant commitment and alignment for us. I'm pleased to announce that we’re investing into talentee platform and taking responsibility for the tech side of this venture.”

Putting our skin in the game, we're proud of this partnership with talentee as their technology lead. talentee is a professional networking platform that connects students and doctoral candidates with teams in companies or research facilities. The current market for the product is in German-speaking countries, Germany and Austria, with plans to expand the product further into the European regions.

Sylvia Edmands, CEO of talentee, says, "The team at AppUnite is very familiar with the talentee platform. They have impressed us with their innovative power and flexibility in the past. Having them in charge of our technology was a strategic decision as they are experts in our tech stack, and with the investment they have made, they now have "skin in the game." This demonstrates their commitment to helping their clients succeed."

We ensure that technology is a beneficial asset in scaling businesses making partnership a big word. It requires trust and commitment to provide our customers with a fulfilled mission. AppUnite does this from early-stage consultations through careful architectural design choices, a meticulous process of forming highly performant dev teams, and conscious work with business constraints - we fill in every corner of the IT field for businesses on a level that is difficult to match.

We're energised in elevating our working relationship with talentee. Being one of the investors in their recent funding round and becoming their technological core partner. Both inspire us to give our best for talentee's success.