Andrzej Wyduba

Head of Operations


I’ve been bringing business value to digital products at AppUnite for the past 7 years and counting. As a pragmatic personality with a can-do attitude, I help startups and Fortune 500 companies surpass their goals. I believe that the key to business success is invisible - it's impeccable software. At AppUnite we deliver exactly that - high quality solutions including design and software, and our awards (Financial Times, Forbes, Clutch) seem to prove that we do it well! In my opinion, when it comes to digital growth, a client-oriented approach is vital. I listen, learn, observe and continually test and question things, in order to see the bigger picture on the final product. As a Business Development Manager & Head of Operations I strive for long-term satisfaction of our client and their clients! Basically, I like it when we're all happy ;)

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