Helium Healthcare

Web, Android
"Helium is a MedTech startup, accelerated in Ycombinator batch 2017, that focuses on providing an advanced and beautiful product for managing hospitals, doctors and patients in emerging markets, especially Africa. They focus on a light, user friendly product that is going to work both online and offline for facilities. Helium is making paper medical records a thing of the past, so doctors can focus on saving lives, rather than on filling forms."
Our Role
"AppUnite developed Helium from scratch, providing elastic and reliable infrastructure based on Elixir, AWS and AngularJS. Our lightning-fast backend and responsive application helped to serve more than 20.000 patients already, and the app itself is prepared to serve many, many more of them without errors and downtimes. We put a lot of effort in QA, as this is healthcare, so there can be no mistakes."
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