Helium Healthcare

Web, Android
"Helium is a MedTech startup, accelerated in Ycombinator batch 2017, that focuses on providing advanced and beautiful product for managing hospitals, doctors and patients in emerging markets, especially Africa. They focus on a light, user friendly product that is going to work both online and offline for facilities. Helium is making paper medical records a thing of the past, so doctors can focus on saving life, rather than on filling forms."
Our Role
"AppUnite developed Helium from a scratch, providing elastic and reliable infrastructure based on Elixir, AWS and AngularJS. Our lightning-fast backend and responsive application helped to serve more than 20.000 patients already, and the app itself is prepared to serve much, much more without errors and downtimes. We put a lot of effort in QA, as this is healthcare, so there can be no mistakes."
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