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Product development is hard. Give it to the pros.

We take responsibility for building software solutions to help transform your industry or create a new venture. We are doing that by developing products with experts who work directly with you, as your team.

What are you looking for?

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Ideation Support

Interested in going from a hunch to market ready idea?

Each venture starts with a problem worth solving. We'll help you validate your approach and nail down the idea with workshops and design sprints based on research & analysis. You’ll gain invaluable insights from experts and see your rough concept transform into a viable idea that will disrupt your industry.

Product Teams

Are you missing a team to execute your vision?

We provide complex advisory and product development with a team of business-oriented and experienced professionals who can work as your external CTOs. It makes your product grow faster, more stable and you don't need to invest time and resources on building an in-house tech team.

MVP Development

Have a fantastic idea and look to test it on the market?

We stand ready to assemble a team and build an MVP that will help you to validate your business idea and set up a stable foundation for future growth.

How do we work?

Close cooperation with partners, transparency and clear communication is our way of work. We are active at every stage of a product life cycle. From ideation, design through development, deploy and after-care. We want to be part of your market success.

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Web Development

Wonder how to enter the market or develop your existing web-based product?

Whether you want to build something from scratch or improve an existing product, our web team consists of talented Frontend, Backend and DevOps developers. Eager to take ownership and come up front with ideas uplifting your product.

Mobile Development

Thinking of going mobile or have a problem growing your application?

We are rooted in mobile development. We develop on both iOS and Android platforms. Depending on the product, we can work on native solutions using Swift and Kotlin or cross-platform using Flutter.

UX/UI Design

Not sure how your product should look to ensure great experiences while using?

We work hand in hand with you to provide user experience design that distinguishes the best products and businesses. Your users won't only love the way your product works but also how it looks.

Level Up Team

Have the product idea all sorted out but need extra hands and knowledge to boost your in-house team's work?

If you seek to speed-up the work efficiently, you can count on us. We'll do the job and also teach your team our ways of work based on our experience.


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Clutch Top Developers 2020Clutch Top B2B Companies 2019Financial Times ranking of 1000 fastest-growing companies in EuropeDiament Miesięcznika Forbes