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Tahmeel is a free app that connects and facilitates daily work done by freight drivers and shippers. The application is a solution built for the logistics industry by the logistics industry.
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Project Overview

Tahmeel is an application that connects and facilitates daily work done by freight drivers and shippers. The software allows to instantly book the loads a user wants to haul, estimate pricing and provide payment. It’s a marketplace for shippers and drivers that makes their work more efficient, introduces instant payments and lowers the management’s overload of traditional approach.

Challenges & Solutions

Constant location tracking.
Location tracking is crucial for Tahmeel and consists of features such as: live tracking when a driver is at work, saving locations when there is no Internet, a possibility to track historical data and notifying when a driver enters or leaves particular areas. The system was designed to reduce a lot of stress on shippers, and reduce the amount of communication overhead needed to supervise the delivery process.
Understanding a very complex business environment.
To understand the characteristics of the product and the industry it will operate in, we organized workshops such as event storming or design sprints. There were many unknowns we had to overcome in order to create valuable features. Merging our product development and technical experience with clients’ deep knowledge of industry has become the sole reason why Tahmeel is becoming a leader in digitalization of freight industry in Dubai.
Helping a client to showcase features of the application.
Tahmeel is heavily based on location data. Our client wanted to demonstrate their customers how the product would act in real life, so developers created a web tool that simulated the traffic of as many drivers as they wanted. This helped the client to present live features of the app, without any actual engagement.


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