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Szymon Mrozek
iOS Developer @AppUnite
Articles: 7


Building Dependencies on iOS with Carthage
In this article I want to share my experience with building dependencies by using Carthage.
iOS Open Source Hell
In this article Szymon, our iOS developer, takes a look at open source problems of modern iOS applications and tries to find a simple rules of thumb for each of them.
How to keep dependencies up to date
Have you ever struggled updating some dependency because you missed some major updates? You can prevent having them by implementing simple script running automatically.
How we spent 500 hours for writing tests and proved this to be a business value
Is implementation of the automated tests worth the time and most of all, what value for business does it generate? Look for the answers in this article!
How to test iOS apps with Combine, ReactiveSwift and RxSwift
In this article Szymon from our iOS team, presents ideas for testing in three different frameworks - Combine, ReactiveSwift and RxSwift.
The story of iOS CI at AppUnite (Part 1)
A little story about CI infrastructure that we've been working on and which is used for building iOS applications.
The story of iOS CI at AppUnite (Part 2)
A continuation of our story about the Continuous Integration system that we are using at AppUnite to test and deploy our software every day, hour and minute.
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